Book 10: Grade 6 Descant

Catalogue RMD010
Book 10: Grade 6 Descant


Grade 6 Descant (91 pieces, 92 pages)

The note range for Grade 6 Descant is 2 octaves and a tone, Low C to very High D, fully chromatic, including very high C sharp. (The fingering for this note is given at the foot of the page on which it first appears). At this level any note or rest is likely to be encountered and any common key. Syncopations will also be met. The 28 studies at the centre of the book are something of a feature. All should be sight read following the ‘rules’ described in the Introduction and then worked through systematically. After which a marked improvement in technique will be assured and noticeable. The book ends with a selection of Sonatas and Sonata movements taken from the Standard Repertoire. Sample pages from this book are shown above.

This music is also suitable for: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin, etc.