Book 5: Grade 3 Treble

Catalogue RMD005
Book 5: Grade 3 Treble


Grade 3 Treble (156 pieces, 63 pages)

Grade 3 Books are available in two version: Both Descant and Treble in the same book or Descant and Treble as separate books. Grade 3 Treble can be purchased as a separate book or with Grade 3 Descant. The note range in Grade 3 Treble is Low F to High D, fully chromatic. The keys are F, C, G and B flat major and A, D, E, G and C minor. Simple terms and signs are used along with an introduction to double tonguing. The time pattern Dotted Crotchet Quaver is introduced here and the only new time signatures are two/two and ‘cut common’ time. There are 156 pieces of music in Grade 3 Treble. Here, too, a number of pieces last a whole page. Sample pages from this book are shown above.

This music is also suitable for: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin, etc.